Matt Stansfield

Matt is a Cornish based photographer and educator. He began his photography journey in 2002 completing a photography diploma before then achieving a Degree, with Honours, by the end of 2007.   

Matt's career then branched into two parallel paths. One path pursued commercial photography, while the other, lead to a career teaching in post 16 education. 

"A priority for me has always been financial sustainability and giving something back to society. I have tried to achieve both by developing two work-based pursuits. Photography and teaching have come together perfectly for me in this aspect, allowing me to pursue a creative income, as well as teaching young people useful skills for the future."


Matt's interest in Astrophotography begun in 2016 as a small project to photograph seascapes at night.  Matt's interest quickly grew in this genre and his fascination in the beauty of the night sky has continued and branched off into many smaller areas and projects.

" My approach to astrophotography has been a personal one. I use astrophotography as a vehicle to explore my intrigue to the wonders of the night sky and the relationship of time. I like capturing wide angled scenes that show a balanced relationship between the landscape and the night sky. The locations I photograph vary from Moorland, rugged coastlines and urban areas. I like, as much as possible, to avoid the cliche landmarks and instead photograph location that allows for unique images to be created. "

About this website

This website has been created to allow people to view Matt's work as organised projects. 

"I currently using Instagram and Facebook to share the stories and adventures behind my work. However, I wanted to create an online space that displayed my work in an organised way,  rather than in the linear timeline manner that many social media outlets follow. This website, like my work, will evolve and change with time and I hope to expand my projects and implement a video diary as time goes on."